Original Homeboys

These homeboys live on Iron Mountain Road and therefore consider themselves to be the original Iron Mountain Road (IMR) Homeboys.  Living on one of the most unique and magnificent roads in America has its advantages.


Mike Beemer                     Darrell Caldwell 

Darrell - Founder

We aren't just people with motorcycles, we are motorcyclists. It's our responsibility to bring people to the road and share the enjoyment. We [homeboys] believe that this is Americas greatest 17 miles. The unique design and construction of the road make it a memorable experience and plays into the magic of the area, with surprises around ever curve and tunnel. 

"As a homeboy I have an appreciation and respect for what this road is and what's so important about it."

Darrell Caldwell has been riding since he was 14 years old. Going down the road for the first time feeling the wind in his face, the smell of the air as it rushed past and the oddly freeing feeling that came from the bugs crashing against him and his Honda 90; created a passion for Darrell that he still has today. Reminiscing on that first ride he exclaims it was "the coolest feeling ever experienced." Some almost 35 years later he is still riding without a windshield to capture that first time experience that drew him to a life of freedom and riding.  

As a spry 20 year old, he attended his first Sturgis Motorcycle Rally where he fell in love with the Black Hills and Iron Mountain Road. He has returned to the black Hills every year since 1992 and eventually made the area into his home and career. Although Texas will always be his home, 6 months out of the year, Darrell and his wife Christy come to the Black Hills to run Spokane Creek Cabins & Campground and promote Iron Mountain Road.

Other Homeboys

CW Caldwell                   David Hatch
Dale Stewart